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Around the League 2019-2021 Edition


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I don’t really have anything against Carolina, but holy fuck am I ever cheering for Andersen to spend the entire season getting lit the fuck up Toskalol style behind Carolina’s “superior defense”.

I never did either but... agreed. I'm not sure we ever heard him at any point while he was here take any personal responsibility for his play or admit he needs to play better and I just have a hard time rooting for that.


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Anyone hear the new show with Kyper and that other former player on the FAN?? Godawful.

Kyper does it from his phone and it's a gong show.


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They might have thought of it but how much would they have had to pay him?

Yeah, I’d expect Wayne’s getting a hefty paycheque from TNT that wouldn’t be matched by any Canadian broadcaster.

He probably also had no interest in moving back to Canada.