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Around the League 2019-2021 Edition


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Typical hot take to appease Sens fans. There are only 2 Toronto people on the 18 member commitee. There are actually more Ottawa people as members. And Alex Mogilny played in Toronto, has better numbers and is still not in.. I was also pretty stunned it took Gilmour that long to get in.


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Alfredsson will get his chance, but until then I hope every HOF ballot looks like this...



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Alfie was overrated. They thought he was a first ballot hall of famer like Mats. If Mogilny has to wait, and guys like Roenick, Tkachuk, Damphousse, Brind'amour, Gonchar and Turgeon aren't in, then I get why Alfie isn't in. He's in that class, below Mogilny.

But its insane that Kevin Lowe is a hall of famer and none of those guys are.


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Man, the city of Toronto really does live rent-free in the heads of every Sens fan.

On the topic of whether Ratface deserves to be in the hall, my opinion back when he retired and now is that he absolutely doesn’t. He had a few seasons of elite production, but that was while he was the third-best player on one of the best offensive lines in hockey.

The rest of the time he was just a good first line winger that was never among the very best players in the league or at his position.

That said, the hall’s standards have dropped hilariously in recent years. To the point where it’s impossible to argue Ratface doesn’t deserve to get in when you stack him up against some recent inductees.


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lol little bro crying again...yeah, you can tell how Toronto-centric the NHL is by how the Leafs win the Cup every year, or at least get deep in the playoffs.

Ratfredsson was a very good player. better than Sundin defensively as well. But he was a fraud "probably not" captain worshipped as a hero by sensfan.

having said that, if you look at some of the names that have gotten in, Mendes' point is probably valid.


Yes, I'm kidding people.
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Why does granny have a human-size cage in her bedroom?
I mentioned that on the Habs board. Anyone with a bird cage that large deserves to be locked in it. I hate pet birds, they shouldn't be captive in the first place but the smell and noise? Fuck that. I broke up with someone years ago because of her birds. So gross.