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Around the League 2019-2021 Edition


Yes, I'm kidding people.
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Why does Tallon have a bad rep? He built Chicago and Florida. That would actually be a good hire for them. They’d just have to fire him before they win.

I think as far as his ability to build hockey teams goes, his rep is good.

It’s the “got fired from the Panthers for using racial slurs” part of his rep that’s not as good.


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Watched an interview with Miller last night and he was specifically asked if everyone was on the same page in the locker room... he refused to respond. Not sure what's going on there behind the scenes, but it's looking ugly.


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Miller is a good player but he can be lazy AF.

I wonder what’s going on with pettersen. He’s been game 2 through 8 mucho for two years now.


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When he’s in practice looking at the bumblefuck group of teammates & coaching staff that Jim Benning put together, I wonder how much Miller thinks about the fact that the Lightning won back-to-back Cups immediately after he was traded to Vancouver?


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Apparently the Wild are after Miller and may be dangling Fiala (who is not too popular in the room himself).. Also Boeser is (I think) from Minny so could definitely be something brewing there.