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Around the League 2019-2021 Edition


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LeafGM was definitely very vocal about getting rid of Andersen and getting a new goaltender in the offseason too.

Yeah, my take this off-season was very much “get Freddy the hell out of here, and I don’t care a whole lot what we get for him or who you replace him with.”

I’ve wanted him gone for a couple off-seasons now, but I was an extremist about it this off-season.

As far as acquiring Fleury goes, I remember being Ok-ish with the idea, but wary of his age, decent-sized cap hit even at 50% retained and that he had two seasons left on his deal.

Hopefully Campbell renders all of these discussions moot. But Washington’s goalie going down to injury early in game #1 was a terrifying reminder of what can happen, and that we’ve got no safety net if it does.


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Sticking with a bad goalie because he was only signed for one more year wasn't smart thing to do. Avoiding good goalies who would require more than 1 years worth of contract, also not a smart thing to do.
Getting another guy who isn’t a clear level up on Freddy - not the ECHL Freddy we have suddenly but the .918 one we came into the season with who had stellar stats in the playoffs last year - was not a smart move, even if he had no extra term.


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Most folks here wanted Crawford or khudobin. I mean one retired and the other has been horrible. I was wrong about Fred and thought he'd be better than this but at least they didn't go out and sign any of the trash goalies. Most of the available ones have been downright bad on bad contracts.