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Around the League 2019-2023 Edition

at least two of Slovakia/Czech/Germany should be there

bottom line: a World Cup without Russia is tough

It's not a world cup if the "world" doesn't care.

Remember when international basketball used to be full of hilarious blowouts? 30 years later with a focus on the global game and all of a sudden blowouts in the knockout round of the world cup don't happen very often.

Yeah, I don't expect us to emulate the international growth of basketball. It's a harder, more expensive sport to develop elite athletes in, but I do expect more than "oh, we don't like Russia right now....so just us 4 will call ourselves the world and have a sleepover".
Also it makes more of a point about excluding Russia if you invite Ukraine, Latvia, Poland, etc. Take a stand.

But then maybe that’s why the NHL doesn’t want a bigger tournament.

exactly...they don't want to take a stand