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Around the League 2019-2023 Edition

I actually think Montembault might be good. Habs are terrible.
He's worth $3m. Habs suck. Plus he's at that age when goalies start figuring it out.

Not crazy about it but of the three he's who I would retain then continue to look for a #1, if Montembeault figures it out it's bonus.

Would have preferred $2.5m though
So Edna sent this to me because she's bragging about being a big thing now. Duthie messaged her.

I was kidding, but I think people missed that.​

7:47 AM​

Thanks for clearing that up and I also was kidding about Tootie calling.​

7:51 AM​

Tootie was my favourite​

7:52 AM​

I was just trying to use exaggeration for effect...saying if Toronto wanted the two dmen in one trade....Calgary would ask for more than the 2 4ths my buddies seem to be suggesting to me.And for both together and the fact they don't want to trade with their old GM apparently...they certainly might have tried to ask for a first and Minten or something...who knows. Either way...Edna Garrett is the best twitter handle out there.​

7:59 AM​

In other news, Edna Garrett has announced that she was just joking about her Sabres takes this year. What a relief!