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Around The League: 2021-2022


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So the Oilers wasted a bunch of cash on a 38 year old Duncan Keith because "leadership" only to find out that he had to be dragged, kicking and screaming, to be vaccinated. The Province of Alberta's health infrastructure is about to crumble under the weight of the idiot unvaxxed and Keith is whining because he had to get jabbed. Is that the leadership the Oilers were looking for? Jesus, read the damn room, Dunc.

Keith should be a good addition

Half the western conference stinks or is in rebuild mode

Gone are the days of Ducks/Sharks/Preds /Hawks /Kings dominating


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So Robin Lehner decided to get some things off his chest last night. In the last few days, he was defending Eichel's right to choose what kind of surgery he wanted for his own body, because the surgery the Sabres want has a good chance of having long-term effects.

Lehner then decided to talk about other subjects:



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The Flyers thing seems like the Nolan Patrick situation and how things were handled there.


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I don't doubt it for a second either. The NHL's culture is similar to the NFL and how so many players will just gut it out with pain pills.

It then becomes a question of, will anyone with real voice (ie, the TSN & Sportsnet folk) actually cover this, or will they turn a blind eye like they did with the Chicago stuff? The only people who covered it are those who don't give a fuck about burning bridges, because they don't have an actual bridge to burn.


Yes, I'm kidding people.
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A real investigative journalist needs to look at this, not jock sniffing sports “reporters”. They are a joke.

This could get ugly.
We all know it happens. We just assumed they stopped the practice. Apparently not.


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Nothing will come of this in regard to the Flyers, just like I knew nothing would come of the Chicago “scandal” in regard to the Hawks.
I’m shocked we don’t hear more about the Chicago thing…that shit is front page news if it was NFL or NBA in Chicago


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I’m shocked we don’t hear more about the Chicago thing…that shit is front page news if it was NFL or NBA in Chicago
Because you’re naive or don’t really understand how lawyers work. I could make that disappear in an hour.