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Around The League: 2021


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Ouch, AOC/Sanders and the squad would NOT like to hear that.
Unfortunately, AOC, Sanders and the squad aren't running things - corporate lobbyists and the politicians they own are.

The sad part is that they could tax the shit out of the uber rich in the US and those people would still be uber rich. Back in the 50's when the top earners in the US were taxed at 90% there were still rich people. But there was also a strong and burgeoning middle class, half of which were unionized, and the government had money to pay for nice things like infrastructure. The interstate highway system was built on that 90% tax rate on the richest Americans. Now those highways and bridges are crumbling because there's no money to spend on upgrades. That's what you get when the rich don't pay their taxes. Jeff Bezos uses infrastructure to ship stuff from his many warehouses to his customers but contributes basically nothing to their construction or upkeep.


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The Matthews contract should of been 8 years

6% less than McJesus and team only bought 1 year of UFA

It all comes down to the JT contract .....not the player

One move created all the cap gymnastics moving forward for a team that never won a round in over a decade

You get JT when your ready to win not trying to assemble a roster after a gut job
But those pyjamas!


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But I've been told that their window hasn't even opened yet!

I’m pretty sure you know I was making a joke about people saying our window was closed so quickly after they finally acknowledged it was open but whatever, wouldn’t want to interrupt this pile on.


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Millions of dollars in cap were MIA. And even if Nylander showed some scoring prowess, he also showed he won’t take a hit.


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Most importantly just as the offense generated by TBay’s bottom-6 led to Habs defeat - it was Mtl’s bottom-6 which led to Leafs defeat

Leafs bottom-6 scoring allowed them to go ahead 3-1 in the series, when that well dried up...so did the Leafs


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The thing is they were capped out 3-4 years into a gut rebuild

The minor moves are not the cap problem

They paid JT before they took care of their 2 most important forwards of the last 20 years

On 20+ other teams that contract is a non issue as they are no comparables or a salary bar to worry about

The future cap consequences was going to bite them when the payroll pecking order was established

Unfortunately the Covid flat cap made it even worse , as most projected a 90 mil ceiling about now
COVID is killing the Leafs. If they could add another 7+ million to their cap it would make a huge difference.


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COVID is killing the Leafs. If they could add another 7+ million to their cap it would make a huge difference.
Before the cap was a thing, the Leafs would simply throw money at their problems and try to outspend the incompetence of their management. It didn't work then and it isn't possible to do in a cap system now. All it ever did was cause salaries league wide to spiral upward and cause the type of competitive imbalance that can kill off franchises that can't afford to keep up. I knew the day the cap was announced that the Leafs (and Rangers) would never be able be able to win now that they could no longer just outspend everyone. From then on they would have to get by on their wits and both franchises employed halfwits as GM's. How smart does a GM have to be if he's got a bottomless pit of money to spend and there's no cap?

Give any team another $7 million worth of cap space and they'll get better in a hurry, too.


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You were handed a gift this year and still fuked up taking advantage of it

Some players get you to the playoffs .....you dont have the ones to get you through the playoffs

Time to change the core
All they did last year was load up on no longer ready for prime time veterans who had never done anything but underachieve their entire careers. How does adding Joe Thornton, a guy who never won jack shit for 2 decades, make you a contender? What exactly is Jumbo going to teach them other than how to be good at losing? The Leafs were already choking before he arrived. They didn't need to sign the poster boy for choking.

Jumbo: 0 Cups (the Bruins won the Cup after they got rid of him)
Spezza: 0 Cups (career underachiever. Never moved the needle for any team he was on)
Simmonds: 0 Cups (overrated goon in a league where fighting is no longer a thing)
Foligno: 0 Cups (name recognition signing because his dad played for the 93 Leafs)
Marleau: 0 Cups (stripped of his captaincy in San Jose because he sucked as a leader)
Tavares: 0 Cups (Islanders instantly got better after this cancer was removed from their dressing room)

What exactly do these career losers bring to the table besides nothing?