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Around The League: 2021


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Don't a lot of Europeans train in Montreal just before the season? I remember Martin Havlat and a bunch of other players would train in Montreal. I think they were all Alan Walsh clients too, but I'm just going off memory.


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Pretty surprised there’s been no articles or posts about why St Patrick didn’t get a coaching gig or rumored to be a candidate for one despite getting an agent to scour for opportunities in the NHL.

I’ll go out on a limb and say he’s been “quietly” blackballed from the league


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I don't think he's been blackballed at all.

I think he was looking at the shitshow Montreal, thought (like most of us) that they were going to be first round fodder and that Ducharme & The Charlatan were going to given the boot shortly thereafter. That would leave a big opening for a former team icon to slide right in.

However, after the events that transpired, those plans had to be dropped.


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It's now official. NHLers will participate in the Olympics.

Waste of time and it blows a hole into the NHL schedule right before the playoff stretch run. And moreover, it proves nothing about which nation has the best hockey players. The Czechs can pull off an upset like they did 20 years ago but no one will ever believe that they are the legitimate best nation in the hockey world. Round robin tournaments with single game elimination medal rounds are bogus. The medals they produce are completely meaningless.

Let's just hope that no one on the Habs roster gets injured playing in this phony-baloney exhibition tournament.


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There was speculation that he was hoping to get $8M no matter what.

It's the signing bonus that will be the difference for Ottawa.