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Around The League: 2021


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I'm so sad to hear about Walter Gretzky passing. I meet him many times, usually roaming the halls at the Air Canada Centre. He always took his time with fans & especially kids. Such an incredibly sweet man. I am tearing up just thinking about him. God bless you father hockey.



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Brent Seabrook is done playing hockey. (What isn'T said is he'll retire the second he gets his final paycheck)

How does this work , as the cap recapture rule doesn't apply

If he retires immediately LTIR doesn't apply and no cap relief ?

Or he stays on LTIR for 3 more years , Hawks get cap relief and an asset to use as trade bait ?


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If he "officially" retires, he won't be entitled to any of his money.

He'll just stay on LTIR like Horton, Zetterberg, etc did. The insurances will pay whatever % is included in his contract, the team the rest.