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Around The League - 2023-24 Regular Season

Unless Perry went Jeffrey Dahmer, Habs should sign him - he was a great leader in his short time & I suspect Suzuki / Caufield would welcome him w open arms
Perry has 4 goals and 5 assists in 16 games this season on a team worse than the Habs. That's better production than Anderson, Armia and Slafkovsky combined.

And now he's a friggin' folk hero and one man meme generator.

Sign him.
It was double tapped. Had that happened against the Habs I'd want that reversed too. Be fair now.
If it had happened against the Habs the refs would have been halfway through their post-game showers by then. This kind of call ONLY happens when it benefits the Leafs. And it wasn't a double-tap anyway; it was part of one, fluid motion. It was a bullshit call that no other team would ever get.
I'm sure there's all kinds of technical rules around the shootout, which hopefully will soon be a moot point if the shootout goes someday. One can probably in most cases make an argument why this or that goal should or shouldn't count, why this should or should not be a penalty Those are the situations the refs seize upon, the grey areas late in the game. The grey areas will generally turn up favouring the blue.
Except you can't score on a rebound. That rule has been in place since penalty shots started old timer. 😉
I didn't see it so will not comment on last night's goal. However, 16 their team got away with losing it on a penalty shot a couple of weeks ago. I used to know what was a good goal on penalty shots, now I have no idea.