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Around The League - 2023-24 Regular Season

search your feelings, you know I'm right.
Don't need to. I have no feelings. Once a player is no longer a Hab, whether by trade or retirement, they are dead to me. I only "care" about a player insofar as he can help the Habs win a Cup this year. I don't give a shit what he did in the past, especially if that past doesn't include any Cups.
I really hope I don’t ever have to hear about how NFL refs are the best in the world. Good God, they’re absolutely terrible.
I really hope I don’t ever have to hear about how NFL refs are the best in the world. Good God, they’re absolutely terrible.
And they're still 100x better than NHL & NBA refs. I don't know how you or anyone could make an even semi-credible argument otherwise. The Thursday night game was an abomination, though.

But yeah, they're still the best in North America.
Always remember, NHL referees are the ones who let players get high-stick'ed in an overtime playoff game, creating game changing turnover, leading to the opposing team scoring because of it. Just ask Scott Mayfield. Or even if you want to forget the playoffs, just look at last week's Trouba slash that hit the opposing player when the referee was... let me check... literally an arm's length away and looking straight at them.

Meanwhile, the NFL referees are the only refs in North America who actually try to call the game by the actual rules and will actively reverse their own bad calls through discussion rather than leaning on instant replay challenges from teams. You know what NHL & NBA refs do when they fuck up? They'll just do a make-up call on the other team for no apparent reason.
You really don't know how one could make a semi-credible argument? Really??

I'll go with a simple one, officiating frustration in football is probably higher than any other sports I've been following, it's not even close. It seems like about 1/3 of the games there is major officiating controversies. Everybody is frustrated, fans, coaches, players, announcers. It's crazy. Calls are super inconsistent game to game and even within the same game. Blatant fouls are ignored and phantom calls are made every game. They are actively ruining games, which is the worst possible outcome for officiating in any sports.

NHL referees are a non-factor in maybe 98% of the games. It's pretty exceptional that I watch a game and I'm frustrated with officiating. I think they do a really good job calling the game most of the time and letting the player play and keeping the game under control without being a factor. NHL has started reversing their own calls as well, mostly on high-sticking calls. There is room for improvement of course but overall I don't have much of an issue with NHL refs. My biggest beef would probably be in the playoffs when they get too afraid to make calls and ignores blatant fouls.