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Most metrics put toronto as the worst in North America. The main hope right now is the massive rail projects coming online between now and 2030 will take a lot of cars off of the road. 3 new subway or light rail lines, a few line extensions and a massive regional rail expansion. Toronto will have a regional transit set up similar to European cities within a few years. If you build it, they will come.


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Since I left and would visit and reexperience the traffic, worse each time.

I think it’s way worse than LA, which seems to have gotten better in recent years. Or maybe I’m just driving less and in the office more.


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A few years back I heard a report, and at that time there was a stretch of 401 that was second only to LA's clusterfuck as the worst commute in NA.

Think it was between 427 and the DVP, different now, it's just everywhere.


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Living north, I work in Vaughan and that's just fine...I know people have to do it, but I could not live north and work south of the 401.

Express rail from barrie would only take about 75 minutes to Union when the system is fully fleshed out.

But yeah, couldn't imagine driving that every day. Fuck that.


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