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FI Keepers Money League


Yes, I'm kidding people.
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I’m still willing to run with it if others are. Yes it’ll be all star teams but we can always keep the list of players being dumped by the teams not staying and redo the draft next year?

I don’t know. I like this particular league.


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It wouldn't be the end of the world if we had to miss a day of two of NHL Games, either. I really like this league too, borderline shocking that NOBODY has stepped up though. No idea why.

If we could at least get 3 people, I'd be down for a 12-teamer. And we can remove the entry fee if that's an issue.


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I think we already counted Fergy in the group of 9, so I think that would make it 11. Hopefully we can get at least 1 more.

Looks to be 7 original owners, the others would be taking over a team. I think for simplicity's sake, once we know how many new managers there are I'll use a randomizer and we can let guys pick the team they want in order of the random draw (if we can get this done quickly enough). That would be to choose their 6 keepers.

It's probably too late to hold the draft tonight, so likely tomorrow at some point.

I'll ask the new guys to send me their email address and/or username listed on Fantrax (if you don't have an account there register first), and I guess I'll assign everyone a team so that they can get into the league and check out the rosters.


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Looks like we may have 13 potential managers. We can start preparing for a 13-team league, with room for one more to 14 if anyone else steps up.

From the 7 previous managers below, we need to get your 6 keepers posted ASAP:

Grex (PCos - Toros)

Then we have 6 potential new managers, I'd need to get your email address and username registered in Fantrax to send out the invites.