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FI Keepers Money League


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A couple of important things to know about the league:

- REMINDER: Live Draft is tonight Wednesday Jan. 13 @ 9:30pm EST.
- Each team can only add up to 5 FA's per week.
- The max # of goalie starts per weekly scoring period is 6.
- It's a head to head league where you match up against 3 teams per week.
- Teams can trade players and picks.
- Team Names are set as WHA or others from the 70s. New managers, feel free to change your team name if you want in that spirit (could be a real team like Vancouver Blazers or your own invention like Halifax Wolverines)

Check the settings page for the scoring setup.

There is a board set up for the league here:



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Changing my name in hopes that my team sucks less!

Naming it after my dawg :)



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Alright, so BG took over the Las Vegas franchise.

Right now we have 12 teams, invites have been sent to everyone and I've inputted the keepers in Fantrax and set the draft order.

I guess we'll give Habsfan an hour or two, hopefully he will join the league and he can choose either the Birmingham Bulls or California Golden Seals. That other team is still up for grabs. First come, first serve.

Let's set a deadline of 4:00pm EST for both of these. If no one claims one or both, I'll delete them.


Yes, I'm kidding people.
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I’m kidding we have a mini-Aussie. Amazingly the smaller the dog the more expensive it is. She’s a complete nut of a dog and we just love her for it.


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Habsy, feel free to work your magic if you have any ideas to fill those last 2 spots. Habsfan or new managers, first come first serve. Teams available Birmingham and California. Deadline 4:00pm EST.