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Forum Ice Fantasy Hockey Keeper League SOS


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Hey folks.

We've got a 14-team keeper league that's been running for a few years, and for some reason a bunch of managers dropped out this off-season.

It's a really good league with quality settings, we currently have 9 managers so we need 3 more to get to 12 (and of course 5 more to get to the full 14).

- 14 teams
- 3 head-to-head matchups per week
- 6 keepers
- $20 entry fee

We are willing to drop the entry fee to $0 to save the league so if you're interested, post in the thread below asap. And mention if you'd prefer a 0, 10 or 20 entry fee.



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I'll bump this up one more time. We currently have 12 teams, so there are 2 still available. Birmingham and California. Rosters are on Page 4 of the thread linked above. First come first serve, if you're interested let me know and post your 6 keepers.

Deadline for new managers is 5:00pm EST. I will delete any unowned teams at that point.

Live Draft to fill out the rosters is scheduled for tonight Wed. Jan 13 @ 9:30pm EST.
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