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GDT #15 - Leafs @ Red Wings, 2 pm - Revenge of the Snot


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no excuses for anything but a comfortable win here.

Detroit's hot surprising 5-1 start where they averaged 5 goals a game is history now, and they're 3-4-3 since.

Leafs don't have either Reaves or Klinger in the lineup to make excuses for.

A couple wins in sweden here against two very vulnerable teams would mostly right the ship on the season overall, especially if it comes with solid nerdied.

aka must win.

aka oh noes we're gonna fuck this up aren't we

gotta say Stevie Y's work in Tampa was a lot more impressive than what he's done in Detroit so far...
they're playing a eurolized version of here comes the hotstepper.

their DJ >>>> Scotiabank DJ