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GDT #19 - 20/11/2021 - Revenge


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I'm hoarse from saying it. We need another good forward.

We have to sacrifice a dman to bolster the scoring. It's insane that we should need it with the guys we have, but for whatever reason, we do. Team like this can't have pathetic showings like this on home ice.
You're not wrong but the big boys gotta show up in these kind of games too or it don't matter who they add.

But yes the move was always to not use the last bit of cap space on some contest winner with the biggest head I've ever fucking seen. 0 goals, 2 points in like 20 games with the majority of his games on the first line. That takes talent, and admittedly some presto luck to not accidentally get more on the board.


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Agreed. It’s ridiculous. Hoglund, Blake, all these other shitheads found ways to get on the board when playing with top players. What’s wrong with this guy? Dubas has to be looking to move him out by now.


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But regardless, we need another good forward. Yes, the big boys have to produce, but if we have one more big boy, the odds of that increase.