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GDT #20 FEB 22 v CGY - Lockdown Unlocked


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I think most of the discussion here has been centered on his contract vs his value, other than the "Tavares looks toast" stuff getting posted during the game - but I'm always of the opinion that anything posted during the game is just part of the fun and emotion of watching the game, and shouldn't actually be taken all that seriously.

The eye-test tells me he looks sluggish. He's never been the best skater, but he was usually pretty great in traffic and winning puck battles. This year he's getting knocked off the puck constantly, trying to make stupid low-percentage dekes, can't make a pass. Like Preston said, he's a notoriously slow starter so he probably picks it up.
I quite literally express my desire for Auston's cock during game threads. It's nonsense. Pure adrenaline. Pure emotion.

And admittedly SOME truth to it.


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This isn't the stock market. There's only one winner per year here. You can be excellent for a long time and not win the whole thing. I want to be Chicago or Pittsburgh, Washington at worst case scenario. Ottawa or San Jose is a scary outcome to consider.
It basically is the stock market. You don’t go wrong buying relatively early on in elite. I’d be more worried if we were deeper in his term and he was 33. But that’s not the case and he’s not going bad at 30. Still ripe.