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GDT #21 SAT FEB 27 - 1st of 3 vs. the Streaking Oilers


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Did Edmonton generate any pressure?

Early on they did. Which is where goaltending is so important. First 5 minutes of the game we were pinned in our zone a bunch and Jack made a few nice saves. Nothing 10 bell, just good solid positional saves, bailed us out of some mediocre defensive zone coverage. Tonight maybe turns out a little different if we get "1 chance, 1 goal" like we have so many times in the past. Jack makes a few saves, the boys got their legs moving and it was a relatively easy night at the office.
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Wayward Ditch Pig
I see Matthews scored as much as McDavid tonight. Impressive.

Yeah, one of my favourite twitter comments tonight so far was basically that. Was nice of McDavid to also take the night off to make this an even contest.


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Sportsnet hockey analyst Brian Burke is not holding back while discussing the Toronto Maple Leafs signing NHL veteran Joe Thornton. An in interview done before the signing was made official by the Leafs, Burke said it would make zero sense for the Maple Leafs.

"I don't think this is a good idea," said Burke. "I don't mince my words very often, this doesn't make sense to me at all."

I don't get it," Burke continued. "They signed the veteran for this role. I don't get it from Joe's standpoint. If he thinks the team is close, there are teams that are closer that might sign him."

"It almost looks like doing something to show the public you're doing something and pulling out all the stops, but it's not quite what you need," Burke continued.

"Why don't they spend this time and effort and get some ugly, big, mean, nasty guy that is preferably...they are adding a piece they don't need. "​


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The number of media takes along the lines of "Red-hot Oilers within striking distance of first overall, all they have to do is sweep their upcoming three game series against the Leafs."

FFS, ya "all they have to do" is win three in a row against the top team in the league.

No rispeck.


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May have been the best 60 minute game I have seen the Leafs play in two years.

What are Oilers media pundits saying this morning?