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GDT #22 MON. MAR.1 10pm - Marner > McDavid Gm2


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I don't know about Brodie > Svehla or Muzzin > Prime McCabe

The rest though, yeah I agree with. I'd have it Svehla > Brodie and 32 Muzzin = 27 McCabe


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Only thing McCabe did better than Muzzin was PP. And even that maybe only because muzz just doesn't play there.

Even strength pace last 2yrs:

1.Carlson 14/56
2.Josi 13/44
3.Makar 10/42
4.Hedman 11/41
5.Ellis 7/40
6.Hamilton 16/40
7.Letang 12/39
8.Muzzin 8/38
9.Theodore 13/37
10.McAvoy 7/37