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GDT #3 - Aug 6, 8pm, SN - Hammer Down


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The Leafs D is still garbage. Especially without Muzzin. Barrie and Ceci are not much of an upgrade on Hainsey/Zaitsev. You want to get to a point where you have a team that is both dominant offensively and defensively. That is the ultimate goal.

Andersen has been the biggest problem, but there is still work to do on the roster.

yeah we can't dominate for real until we become a team that can play in all situations. we're a long way from that right now. we can only win as long as everything goes our way, and that just doesnt' happen every night in the playoffs.

not only is the defence trash but they also need to swap out 3 or 4 forwards for better defensive players. if they lose a little bit on offence that's ok as long as it's not drastic. it's one more reason to like Robertson in there -- kid has a high motor without the puck and is willing to attack the opponent to get it back.

since changes are inevitable due to the cap, let's target what this team is weak at which is consistency, game management, and protecting leads reliably. effective veteran presence and mentality is sorely needed to help the younger guys who are clearly struggling with these things. not just on defence which attracts most of the discussion but up front as well.


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The G market is flooded

Lehner, Markstrom, Crawford, Holtby off the top of my head.

The issue might be finding a taker for Andersens 1/5

I'm telling you that kid is special and Dubas needs to draft him. He should be available in the late first.

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gotta say, glad I chose to go to bed last night instead of watch this one.

will be tuned in tonight though...


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Too bad the Leafs are the Kyle Lowry to his Lebron James.

Stuffed and stymied in unexpected ways every single fucking time.


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You guys do realize he's likely tugging one out to all this attention and accolades right?


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You guys do realize he's likely tugging one out to all this attention and accolades right?
He tugs one out to Cody fucking Ceci. I think we're well aware he has very low jack-off material standards.