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GDT #4 - AUG 7, 8pm, SN - Not like this


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Suuuuure, we do. Robertson might have different memories of his first goal.

And what would we be saying if Freddy gave up those goals in the last three minutes last night? Especially the Hyman “muffin” with 22 seconds left?

Surely you can see now that you’re unabashedly biased.

Hyman muffin? Tavares' ass was in merz' face, and that was an amazing cross-slot pass from matthews.


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Hyman muffin? Tavares' ass was in merz' face, and that was an amazing cross-slot pass from matthews.

Tavares was in front of him but he had a pretty decent view. Either way, you’d never be making that excuse for Freddy. Ever.

I mean Freddy was somehow supposed to stop the Seth Jones “muffin” the other game through like ten people and labeled for the top corner, but Elvis didn’t have to “just make a save and steal one there.” Gimme a break, Nell Carter.
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Hyman's goal was not a muffin. It was a seeing eye screen. It was actually meant as a pass into the scrum that got through.


Robertson also has a bomb of a shot. Nothing like that wobbler Fred let in on Atkinson or the floater from Jones. I wish they tracked over the shoulder goals - pretty sure almost all of Fred's goals have been scored that way.


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one time slapshot literally on top of the faceoff dot.

You would be murdering the leafs' D if they gave up a glorious chance like that.


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Haha they give up chances like that all game long! Rielly gave up an unforced breakaway after 20 minutes of thinking about what to do!


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Matthews and Tavares seem to really work as linemates. Matthews does not usually play with a guy who can score goals like that, which is a big reason his assist totals aren't a lot higher. Pity we can't keep them together.


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Just like to point out that we essentially crashed the net on those comeback goals. Let's maybe do some of that next game as well as opposed to pass around the outside while they maintain a box around the perimeter.


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2.4% shooting 5v5
Yup. Unlucky at 5 on 5. Which happens sometimes in playoff series and especially in 5 gamers. Tiny tiny sample so a lot of wacky shit cam happen. But having an elite pp is the contingency plan you want to have in a short series where 5 on 5 luck can **** you up the ass. If you've got that going you can survive the brutal 5 on 5 luck.