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GDT #49 APR 28 8PM - French Toast


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It was absolutely a flat game from us. We played them dead even in expected goals. The difference between this Leaf group and previous years is that when we're flat now, we give up nothing. 5 high danger chances (all situations) in a game that the Habs had 57% of the possession.

When we play like this (which was not good) and get solid goaltending (but just solid, Jack hardly had to stand on his head), we win a lot of games just on giving up nothing and having a boat load of skill up front that doesn't need to have their A game to score 3-4.
pretty much bang on

habs need to badly outplay the leafs to win
being evenish wont work


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if the leafs dont grow playoff staches (instead of beards) they do not deserve to win


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Stupid thread title. You all know what I just made. Had it with real Canadien maple syrup, by the way.
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