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GDT #49 APR 28 8PM - French Toast


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I'm sure they wanna see Nash come in and contribute in the playoffs but Brooks has been great, hard to take him out if he keeps playing this way.

Brooks has won that 4C job man, full stop. Let Nash take his time getting healthy and if Brooks slides in the playoffs, make the switch.


Wayward Ditch Pig
Why did it take 2 months for them to figure out that you need to work the puck inside/outside and below the hashmarks on the PP?


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Brooks 41gl/55pt pace this year.

20gl/44pt pace career

He's permanently leapt past Engvall on the depth chart at this point. He might even make it an interesting choice when Nash is healthy and, barring further injuries, one of him, Nash or Kerfoot will have to be a healthy scratch.


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Jake stole this one. First Star. Nice find by Dubas last year.