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GDT #50: 2024/02/10 - Baby Bro

Point of contact doesn't matter. Reilly needs to be punished for his intent regardless of what the end result was. The play was over and he skated across the ice to engage. He showed clear intent to inflict something resembling pain or injury. He wasn't going there to chat. This is Dale Hunter on Pierre Turgeon. It's Bertuzzi on Moore. The intent is why he needs to be suspended, not the result.

He was intending to cause harm long after the play was dead. And he'd have clocked Greig whether Greig saw him in time or not. That's intent and it needs to be punished.
Interesting. Do you think the rest of the season + playoffs would be enough or should it go into next season too?
I agree with a lot of things you say, not this though.

That statement is utter bullshit.

That was every bit as vicious as Reilly's crosscheck and should have been dealt with just as severely as his will be.

Playoffs and whether the targeted player is a big name or a has-been or anything in between should have absolutely nothing to do with the act and resulting penalties. The targetting player shouldn't be treated any differently due to their status either.

We all know that isn't the case though in this league run by incompetent assholes. But it should be.

EDIT: Maybe you were joking, but I don't think so.

You don't seem to have much of a sense of humour from what I've seen
You know as well as I do that in the NHL, EVERYTHING is situational. What a suspension is during the regular season is nothing in the playoffs.
Is it Rielly's fault the stupid Sen has a stupid arm and shoulder that ramp straight up to his stupid head?

How are you supposed to crosscheck him then, aim for the waist and hope there's no incline?
In no way does it mean the battle of Ontario is back just because the two teams seem to not like each other.

0.5 of the teams are currently relevant.

yeah and I'd just like to commend Timmy Strudel for generously allowing his sens to be a basement club on a reasonable cap number.

man is a fuckin hero.
Has anybody ever gotten a in person interview and then only end up with a game or 2?