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I think I’m the only one who’s always loved Marner and Nylander equally and unconditionally.

contract shmontract.

What!!!! You sound like an old school fan...This is 2021!! The game is no longer just something you simply enjoy, but a vessel in which you can use to show how much smarter you are than the next guy. PICK A SIDE!!


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I pick the side of love!

what can I say, I think it’s utterly ridiculous to be sour on a star player for contract negotiations. Like it’s embarrassing to even bring up. If Petan was holding out for $11m, **** that guy. But Marner trying to get paid like one of the top players in the league? Bad boy!! Now get 100 points please and thank you.
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The Willy vs Marner thing has been manufactured by the media and become a talking point... first it was TRADE NYLANDER!!!!! YOU CANT AND YOU WONT SIGN THEM ALL!!! Then it became Offersheet armageddon (which also spured the TRADE NYLANDER FOR A BAG OF PUCKS SO WE CAN KEEP MARNER!!!).

We have 4 elite forwards who each can break a game wide open but somehow we have been convinced this is a bad thing.

We can just enjoy our toys and we wont always have this level of talent