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GDT: Canes at Kraken, 11/24, 10PM Eastern


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Important to note like always, that's just the starting point. Forcing Seattle to pick their poison I guess; each line has a couple legit threats. And giving KK a legit shot at driving a scoring line, however you number it. It's putting a lot of pressure on young Jarvis though, because if he's off (which rookies are allowed to do once in a while) it strands Aho out there alone in terms of carrying the play & being dangerous.... But if Rod sees that, I'm sure he'll engage the MixMaster again and it won't look like that anymore.
Narrator: He didn't

But #37 better learn be can't be picking that spot in a game to settle a score with his gloves off. Him missing 7 (really 8 by the time the next whistle came) of the last 10 minutes of a tie game for whatever that was... was brutal.
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You needed to secure at least a point tonight against that team at that point late, you could name at least 10 Hurricanes who were almost invisible most of the night.


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It's all my fault. I broke my West coast rule of going to bed after 2 period and not looking at the score until I woke up at my normal time the next morning. Instead, I got out of bed and decided to check the score just as the game was over.


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Meh ... bad stretch here. One of the repeated features of Brindy's teams is that they hit this offensive dull patch where the attack gets really blunt and ineffective. Generally they work their way out of it on the forecheck, but at this stage of a long road trip the legs may not be there for that approach. At least the goaltending and D have held up for the most part so far, that's good. Find a couple of goals and you bounce right back. Interesting to me that sometimes these offensive lulls come right after playing a few soft-ish defensive teams and the boys getting convinced that you can out-skill people on the regular. That's just not how this league works guys.