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GDT: Canes v. Devils 2/10 7:00

Do Avs fans have these same opinions when the Nordiques jerseys are sold?
To be fair ... best as I can remember that was their reverse retro for one season. Which means the Avs probably wore it 2-3 times that one season. On the other hand, we get Whalers Night every year. As you know I'd prefer we didn't do this every year but I'm in such a minority that I don't complain about it. The Canes clearly benefit from the merch sales if nothing else, and I'm nothing if not a free market capitalist.
I saw somewhere that the Whaler Canes win record is 5-0-3. Don't know if it's true, but we do seem to win more than we lose when wearing green.
for anyone who hates it for being a cash grab, I have some bad news to tell you, the other 81 games a year (plus playoffs) are also just a cash grab; why do you think a $2 beer is $16 at the arena?

I think it's fun, most people enjoy seeing it, and the Whalers were kind of a unique thing - I think it's fine to have some fun with it, and if it helps fill the coffers, so be it because that's what everything they do and sell is designed for.
Never been a fan of the "Whaler" thing, but if it's one night a year, then so be it. But I absolutely HATED hearing Tripp and Mike call them Whalers all game long. It's NOT the Whalers. They've been the Canes much longer than they ever were the Whalers. Do NOT refer to them as Whalers for the entire game. I think that stinks.