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GDT Game 48: VS Bruins, Tuesday, January 24, 7:00 PM EST

Alan C

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We have a 6.5% chance to win the first lottery in our current place. Move down a couple spots and its 5%. Other direction it increases odds to 8.5%. Its takig a mircle to win it anyway. Im not cheering for the Bruins for those kind of odds changes. Fucking hate them.


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They have done a good job keeping the goals against down lately (except for the Panthers game which was ruined by penalties). I will give them that.

east coast

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It doesn't matter how the Bruins play. They win every game anyway. I can't remember the last time one team was clearly so much better than the rest of the league. Maybe not since the Gretzky Oilers.

But hopefully they won't win the Cup ,and no one will remember. Can't imagine who will challenge them.


The Artist Formerly Known as chiggins.
The secret is to lose the close games — they were winning them at an alarming rate earlier in the year