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GDT Preseason #6 Leafs vs. Sens (7PM SN)


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A guy like him, a team like this, what do you lose trying him with Matthews or Tavares? Might be interesting to find out what he could do.
I'm not sure they have a better option on the left side. Which isn't necessarily a good thing, mind you. Hopefully Bunting can provide more. Or they can flip willy to the left to bring Kase up. Either way, I don't really disagree that he may be one of their best options there.


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Preseason can't go much better than that.

All the free agent signings looked legit.

Both goalies looked great.

There's gonna be more than one guy on waivers that deserves a look.

The only loss was the one where the refs decided to hand the Habs 4 PPs in a row to start the game.

And only one injury, to mikky, which may not be too serious and might let us avoid sending someone down that should be up here.

And the team looked like their heads were screwed on straight and that last year is still burning their asses.


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I am kinda warming to the idea of packing Dermott/Kerfoot for a $5M player (or more, if retention).

Could be a gamechanger for just a couple of role players at this point.