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Habs Evolving Roster - Lead up to 2020-21 Training Camp


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So now that we have seen a couple of housekeeping moves (albeit expensive) by Bergevin, I though I would start a thread to capture the evolving lineup.

The goalies situation requires no in-depth analysis. The Habs now have a competent backup with size to boot.


Carey Price | #31

G | 6' 3" | 217 lb | Age: 33

Jake Allen | #34
G | 6' 2" | 203 lb | Age: 30

Since we always delve into stats and advanced stats and stats on the stats the stats show... I thought we would look at the players themselves. Particularly age and size, to analyze where MB is going with this so in reference to the goalies, we see two guys in their 30's that are more than capable of playing net. Their size, both 6'2" or over should help in the stamina department. Their age is actually a prime age for goaltenders as they tend to take much longer to develop. As an exercise, let's look at the last 10 Cup winning goalies in terms of size and age:

The smallest cup winning goalie in the last 10 years was Tim Thomas, 10 years ago. He was also in his 30's.

The Youngest cup winner in the past 10 years was Matt Murray who has subsequently lost his starting job. (Murray was 26 while Binnington was 27). The rest of the Cup winning goalies since 2010 were all in their 30's and all 6'1" and over. So while younger goalies can win the cup, the youngest was 26 and he had Kessel, Crosby, Letang, Malkin etc. The point? You do not tend to win cups with young goalies and you don't win with small goalies.

Something tells me the Habs brass has also looked at this in addition to typical statistics. The Habs need to get bigger and it looks like the quickest way for MB to do so is on the back end with goalies and D, which to me won't work. Speaking of D...


Ben Chiarot | #8

D | 6' 3" | 225 lb | Age: 29

Shea Weber | #6
D | 6' 4" | 230 lb | Age: 35

Jeff Petry | #26
D | 6' 3" | 201 lb | Age: 32

Joel Edmundson | #6
D | 6' 4" | 215 lb | Age: 27

Brett Kulak | #77
D | 6' 2" | 190 lb | Age: 26

Alexander Romanov | #6
D | 5' 11" | 190 lb | Age: 20

Victor Mete | #53
D | 5' 9" | 187 lb | Age: 22

Looking at the size of the top 4 I can see why they are still willing to give Mete time to see if he will reach his potential. I also think this is why MD paid Edmundson, he wanted a big bruising D. Outside of Mete all those guys can deliver a hit, and often. While Romanov is listed at 5'11" I have seen some sites list him at 6'. Even still, he plays a much harder game than his size may indicate. If you look at the centers in the division and conference you will see several very talented guys and some with serious size. It's become clear that the defensive game plan is to keep people out of the crease or from screening the goalies and make them pay for every inch so that they are toast in the third. I believe this indicates that the brass knows they aren't going to get a game-changer offensively and they simply need to allow far less goals. The games will be riveting no? In speaking of the offense, let's look at the size and age of these slugs shall we?


Joel Armia | #40

RW | 6' 4" | 213 lb | Age: 27

Paul Byron | #41
LW | 5' 9" | 158 lb | Age: 31

Phillip Danault | #24
C | 6' 1" | 201 lb | Age: 27

Max Domi | #13
C | 5' 10" | 192 lb | Age: 25

Jonathan Drouin | #92
LW | 6' 0" | 197 lb | Age: 25

Brendan Gallagher | #11
RW | 5' 9" | 184 lb | Age: 28

Jesperi Kotkaniemi | #15
C | 6' 2" | 198 lb | Age: 20

Artturi Lehkonen | #62
LW | 6' 0" | 176 lb | Age: 25

Nick Suzuki | #14
C | 5' 11" | 201 lb | Age: 21

Tomas Tatar | #90
LW | 5' 10" | 183 lb | Age: 29

Jordan Weal | #43
C | 5' 10" | 180 lb | Age: 28

Ryan Poehling | #25
C | 6' 2" | 204 lb | Age: 21

Jake Evans | #71
C | 6' 1" | 181 lb | Age: 24

The Habs have one forward over 6'2". ONE. KK and Poehling are the only other two at 6'2". The team is average height at best. I wouldn't call them small anymore but they certainly aren't big and they get pushed around a lot. Due to this, Bergevin recently said in an interview that he was looking for more size upfront but wants a player than can skate and produce offense. Tall order there (no pun intended).

Putting myself in MB's shoes and taking into account some outside variables like taxes, language etc, I can see why MB is taking this approach. He has decided he needs veteran D with size to buffer the younger and smaller guys up front. I don't like this scenario as our forwards will still get pushed around in the O zone and in the D zone.

Since MB loves to draft for need (one year multiple D, the next multiple C etc) I am expecting him to draft several large forwards this year because that is just what he does.

I'll be updating this roster thread as it evolves. Cheers.
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I forgot to add, they have Byron listed at 158lb. Any wonder he's often injured?


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So as it currently stands...

Depth chart

Left Wing:
Jonathan Drouin
Tomas Tatar
Paul Byron
Artturi Lehkonen
Jordan Weal/Charles Hudon (interchangeable)

Nick Suzuki
Kasperi Kotkaniemi
Phillip Danault
Jake Evans
Ryan Poehling
Lukas Vejdemo

Right Wing:
Brendan Gallagher
Josh Anderson
Joel Armia
Jordan Weal/Charles Hudon (interchangeable)
Alex Belzile

Left D:
Ben Chiarot
Joel Edmundson
Alexander Romanov
Brett Kulak/Victor Mete/Xavier Ouellet (interchangeable, only two will make the team)
Gustav Olofsson

Right D:
Shea Weber
Jeff Petry
Brett Kulak/Victor Mete/Xavier Ouellet (interchangeable, only two will make the team)
Cale Fleury
Noahh Juulsen

Carey Price
Jake Allen
Charlie Lindgren
Cayden Primeau


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We need a real fourth line right wing, that seem rather obvious to me. Depending on what they're looking for in a player, Melker Karlsson is still available. I don't know if he's lost a step, but I remember him being a very useful player for San Jose not too long ago.

Also obvious, but a lot less easy to acquire, is that we have two second line left wingers in Tatar/Drouin. Taylor Hall would be a welcome remedy to that for obvious reasons, but I doubt he'll come here.


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They could always try Poehling at center and put Evans on RW. The kids need to play more.



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Yeah kids need to play...Evans-Poehling...

Will Fleury waste half the season in the stands again ? Leave him to play in AHL


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I wonder how much longer Jake Virtanen's going to be in Vancouver.

He's one of those got-all-the-tools players, but never puts it together.

Maybe a change of scenery would do him some good.


Wrong Thinker Extraordinaire
Yeah kids need to play...Evans-Poehling...

Will Fleury waste half the season in the stands again ? Leave him to play in AHL
Poehling is LH, Evans RH. Makes better sense to put Poehling at Center.


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They cant go with three greenhorns at centre for a full season, at some point one or more of them will have setbacks and a vet will have to step in and take over some of their minutes. They need to sign another veteran centre.


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MB has already said that he'll give a chance to the kids. He doesn't want to said a vet, like Thompson, that will that their ice time.


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Tomas Tatar - Nick Suzuki - Brendan Gallagher
Jonathan Drouin - Jesperi Kotkaniemi - Josh Anderson
Paul Byron - Phillip Danault - Joel Armia
Artturi Lehkonen - Jake Evans - Ryan Poehling

Ben Chiarot - Shea Weber
Joel Edmundson - Jeff Petry
Alexander Romanov - Victor Mete

Carey Price
Jake Allen

Jordan Weal
Charles Hudon
Lukas Vejdemo
Alex Belzile

Cale Fleury
Noah Juulsen
Brett Kulak
Xavier Ouellet
Gustav Olofsson

Cayden Primeau
Charlie Lindgren​


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I could see that line-up being pretty damn effective. Of course there are question marks. The 2nd line in particular. The skill is there, but is Drouin committed? Is KK ready?


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I wish I was GM for a day. Would offer sheet Dunn + one of Guarinov/Hintz.