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Habs Season Thread: 2021


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Such a political BS....many compagnies that indirectly work with pharma compagnies have already received vaccines for their employees regardless of age (back in March)...The only reason they aren't vaccinating Habs is in case Rejean Tremblay of Journal de Montreal decides to write an article about it (like the non-french player lineup articles)


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TT was one hell of signing. Single handed saved MB ass. Habs was probably the bottom of table without his contribution
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I am not expecting much from Habs. I just hope we get injured players back, not that Weber and The wonder can make difference, it is just if they are out MB will use his usual BS excuse to say:
1)we lost to a contender
2)and without our two best players.
If Dano, Gallagher are back, it will be a tight series.
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I think Habs will be competitive in every game, but will just fall short. Probably will lose in 5 with all 5 games being close.