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Habs Season Thread: 2021


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My buddy`s son played 4 years at Lake Superior State and was all paid

I though all DIV schools had full scholarships , thanks for the info
A coworker of mine has a daughter who just started at some college I've never heard of located in the Michigan peninsula (the part connected to Wisconsin) She's getting at least part of everything paid for because her parents wouldn't be able to pay for it otherwise. They couldn't afford to send her anywhere in Canada where they'd have to pay the full shot so they had to find a school in the US or the kid.was going to have to give up hockey and get a job to pay for school.


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Trevor Letowski to be named Assistant coach later today, 3-year deal - worked w Dom Dom at WJC

Coached Galchenyuk @ Sarnia, and Sergachev @ Windsor


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Keane and Koivu were the first captains not speaking any French. Once that expectation was no longer, it was no longer a concern for the likes of Gionta, Paciorrety and Weber.


Yes, I'm kidding people.
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I’m talking about coaches. Then again, Muller. He did try at times though.

They should have brought back Cunneyworth.