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Habs Season Thread: 2021


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I think you're not keeping up with market price.

covid discount! The problem with Montreal, is we get attached to players and want everyone resigned. Tell me how many 10G centers playing first line minutes get 5m+? I mean he's basically that.


Yes, I'm kidding people.
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You have to forgive GW, he doesn't like English players with French names.


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Another reason why the contract isn't comparable: Couturier was a 23 year old in the middle of his second contract that would have brought him to RFA status.

Danault is a soon-to-be 28 year old, pending UFA.

Different situations.

By the way, Brandon Sutter got a similar deal to Couturier and while the deal wasn't good, it's gotten better due to the cap going higher. Kinda similar to Mathieu Perreault. Another comparable: Jordan Staal, although Carolina foolishly paid him thinking he'd be a #2 center.