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Habs Season Thread: 2021


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It wouldn’t matter. He could get two shutouts in a row and have a sniper score with a good shot and you’ll find something to complain about that he should’ve had it. You just hate the guy.

100% incorrect

Most of us hated the contract , he was never going to earn his money and was going to be an albatross

It just happened that his contract has been bad from day 1.

The silly play in , call it what you what, for me it’s an embarrassment how you give a 24th team that had zero chance of the playoffs a lifeline .

So why isn’t Price continuing his good play from the playoffs?

Why so many muffins and playing below average and being so inconsistent

Most of us are calling out Weber , Price , Chariot, Dano who simply are playing below expectations

He needs to be in the upper tier of goalies not outplayed by 20+ netminders

It’s 3 years now can’t be praising him on previous stellar play years ago or media hype