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Habs Season Thread: 2022-23


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Team has too many forwards
Yes and no.

Byron's going to start on the LTIR, so we can wait a while for him. Pezzetta's AHL bound, he's not a real NHL forward. I think there's a real chance Slafkovsky could start the year in Laval (which, btw, could be a pretty fun team to watch).

With those Byron on LTIR & Pezzetta in the AHL, that gives us 14 forwards. Injuries are bound to happen and there are some of the forwards that will be traded by the deadline, hello Drouin/Dadonov, and we'll have space.

However, we are too tight with space and in an ideal world, we're able to trade one of the NHL forwards before the start of the season.


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I’d be OK moving a vet for a decent return and letting Pizza Mullet get another half season or so. He’s on borrowed time anyway.


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So if I understand this correctly

Habs have to absorb Price`s full cap hit and then include Dach`s

Habs then can put Price on LTIR and deduct his 10.5 from any future transactions if they want
With Dach signing, Habs have to make a move by 5pm to fully absorb that AAV. Price going on off-season LTIR accomplishes that goal.

Can go over cap by 10% at any time during off-season but need to meet cap requirements by 5pm of the given day