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Habs Season Thread: 2023 Offseason


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Her photo on the website looks completely different. But if you have shoulders like Anderson marrying a physiotherapist is a smart move.

Kind of like when Seinfeld dated the massage therapist.
was that the one with the man hands?

well her holiday photos are duck lips bitch face photos, her physio one is more a business shot


Yes, I'm kidding people.
The contract is a big meh.

It's a glorified, expensive two-way deal. It guarantees him an NHL salary, while not having an effect on the cap if he's sent to Laval. I'm hoping Belzile will get something like that.
But is it a big meh? Previous GMs didn't use the financial might this way. This is what the upper echelon financial clubs should be doing.


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Meh in the sense that, Pezzetta's not a player I care for one way or another. Wouldn't have cared if we had traded him for another team's 13th/14th forward.

I like that they're giving those type of contracts out to players. It's a great way to attract AHL veterans: Guarantee them an NHL salary in the minors.