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Kovalchuk traded to Capitals


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A third for what this guy has shown?

Embarassing. Sam Pollock is growling somewhere,
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Kovy is 36 on the verge of 37.

He cleared waivers.

Everyone, INCLUDING the Caps could have had him for free.

Habs signed him for $700k on a 2 way deal.

1 point in last 7 games.

1 goal in his last 12 games.

And some are SHOCKED that the return was ONLY a 3rd?

Nice return , keep adding picks


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da fuq we gonna do with 13 picks at the draft?

Draft is an inaccurate science. Chances of success is very low for each pick. So the more often you pick, the more likely you will convert some of these picks in actual NHL players.

I'm OK with the trade. I have a feeling they asked Kovalchuck where he wanted to be traded and the caps came up high on his list. So bergevin traded him to a team he was looking forward to and stay in Kovalchuck's good side so we keep the possibility of resigning him next season if we want to.