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Leafs' Prospect/Marlies Discussion Thread!


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AHL Paces

C Shaw (30): 39gms, 34gl/101pt
W Robertson (21): 2gms, 41gl/82pt (NHL 15gms, 11gl/27pt)
W Gaudette (26): 30gms, 47gl/74pt

C SDA (22): 36gms, 18gl/71pt (NHL 1gms, 0gl/0pt)
W Anderson (24): 30gms, 38gl/74pt (NHL 7gms, 12gl/12pt)
W McCann (26): 17gms, 39gl/72pt (NHL 2gms, 0gl/0pt)

C Holmberg (23): 12gms, 14gl/41pt (NHL 28gms, 12gl/32pt)
W Steeves (23): 38gms, 28gl/71pt
W Abruzzese (23): 39gms, 27gl/65pt

C Abramov (21): 25gms, 13gl/39pt
W Blandisi (28): 36gms, 23gl/57pt
W Ellis (22): 27gms, 9gl/33pt

C Slaggert (23): 33gms, 12gl/15pt
W Clifford (31): 17gms, 10gl/29pt (NHL 2gms, 0gl/41pt)
W Johnstone (26): 36gms, 5gl/23pt
W Chyzowski (22): 28gms, 6gl/9pt

D Hoefenmayer (23): 36gms, 23gl/68pt
D Hollowell (24): 18gms, 0gl/59pt (NHL 6gms, 0gl/27pt)

D Benn (35): 4gms, 21gl/41pt (NHL 9gms, 9gl/18pt)
D Villeneuve (20): 27gms, 6gl/36pt

D Rifai (24): 38gms, 7gl/22pt
D Kral (23): 12gms, 7gl/21pt (NHL 2gms, 0gl/0pt)

D Kokkonen (22): 23gms, 0gl/21pt (ECHL 6gms, 14gl/41pt)
D Miller (23): 14gms, 0gl/18pt (ECHL 14gms, 12gl/35pt)

D Hellickson (24): 19gms, 0gl/9pt
D Petroniro (24): 26gms, 3gl/6pt (ECHL 4gms, 0gl/62pt)

D Mete (24): 6gms, 0gl/0pt (NHL 11gms, 0gl/15pt)
D Rindell (22): 6gms, 0gl/0pt (ECHL 5gms, 33gl/67pt)

G Woll (24): 11gms, .925
G Kallgren (26): 10gms, .870 (NHL 10gms, .898)

G Petruzzelli (23): 13gms, .901 (ECHL 4gms, .892)
G Ferguson (24): 5gms, .888

G McKay (25): 2gms, .885 (ECHL 14gms, .890)
G Cavallin (21): 0gms, .000 (ECHL 20gms, .915)


C Minten (18): WHL 32gms, 51gl/105pt
W Voit (19): OHL 41gms, 24gl/128pt
W Lisowsky (18): WHL 39gms, 48gl/90pt


C Tverberg (20): NCAA 25gms, 36gl/72pt
W Knies (20): NCAA 25gms, 49gl/89pt
W Moldenhauer (18): USHL 29gms, 42gl/107pt

C Miller (20): NCAA 19gms, 48gl/69pt
W Miettinen (21): NCAA 24gms, 21gl/68pt
W Schingoethe (20): NCAA 6gms, 14gl/27pt

D Koster (21): NCAA 25gms, 3gl/43pt
D Fusco (21): NCAA 20gms, 12gl/41pt


C Hirvonen (20): SML 40gms, 19gl/35pt
W Grebyonkin (19): KHL 40gms, 10gl/34pt
W Ovchinnikov (20): KHL 54gms, 8gl/14pt
W Kizimov (23): 9gms, 27gl/55pt

D Niemela (20): SML 39gms, 13gl/25pt
D Loponen (20): SML 40gms, 2gl/10pt
D Rindell (22): SHL 10gms, 8gl/33pt

G Hildeby (21): SHL 13gms, .927
G Akhtyamov (21): VHL 31gms, .944
G Peksa (20): VHL 37gms, .921


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Robertson at 2 games doesn’t qualify for this lol. But crazy that Holmberg is at a similar NHL pace without as much offensive opportunities


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W Grebyonkin (19): KHL 40gms, 10gl/34pt

Remembering that this is actually a 50pt pace since he moved to his new team and actually started getting minutes.....is this the most impressive performance in the system this year?