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Leafs' Prospect/Marlies Discussion Thread!


C Holmberg (24): 11gms, 6gls, 10pts (45gl/75pt pace)
W Robertson (22): 9gms, 5gls, 11pts (46gl/100pt pace)
W McMann (27): 6gms, 2gls, 3pts (27gl/41pt pace)

C Tverberg (21): 28gms, 8gls, 26pts (23gl/76pt pace)
W Steeves (24): 38gms, 18gls, 38pts (39gl/82pt pace)
W Blandisi (29): 42gms, 12gls, 38pts (23gl/74pt pace)

C Shaw (31): 40gms, 19gls, 33pts (39gl/68pt pace)
W Bellows (25): 36gms, 18gls, 32pts (41gl/73pt pace)
W Abruzzese (24): 43gms, 8gls, 32pts (15gl/61pt pace)

C Gambrell (28): 42gms, 6gls, 22pts (23gl/43pt pace)
W Clifford (32): 33gms, 8gls, 18pts (20gl/45pt pace)
W Ovchinnikov (21): 19gms, 7gls, 9pts (30gl/39pt pace)

C Slavin (25): 42gms, 6gls, 17pts (12gl/33pt pace)
W Ellis (23): 31gms, 3gls, 13pts (8gl/34pt pace)
W Solow (25): 38gms, 6gls, 15pts (13gl/32pt pace)

C Hirvonen (21): 8gms, 1gls, 3pts (10gl/31pt pace)
W Mastrosimone (22): 32gms, 4gls, 11pts (10gl/28pt pace)
W Voit (20): 1gms, 0gls, 0pts (0gl/0pt pace) ---- ECHL 5gms, 2gls, 8pts (33gl/131pt pace)

D Benoit (25): 2gms, 0gls, 0pts (0gl/0pt pace)
D Lagesson (28): 5gms, 0gls, 1pts (0gl/16pt pace)

D Niemela (21): 41gms, 6gls, 25pts (12gl/50pt pace)
D Lajoie (26): 31gms, 2gls, 17pts (5gl/45pt pace)

D Villeneuve (21): 32gms, 2gls, 16pts (4gl/41pt pace)
D Rifai (25): 31gms, 2gls, 11pts (5gl/29pt pace)

D Kokkonen (22): 39gms, 3gls, 11pts (6gl/23pt pace)
D Gaunce (33): 18gms, 0gls, 4pts (0gl/18pt pace)

D Miller (24): 39gms, 1gls, 5pts (2gl/11pt pace)
D Pietroniro (25): 23gms, 1gls, 3pts (4gl/11pt pace)

G Jones (33): 5gms, .870

G Hildeby (22): 24gms, .913
G Petruzzelli (24): 15gms, .871

G Cavallin (22): 2gms, .837 --- ECHL: 22gms, .917
G Peksa (21): 0gms, .000 ---- ECHL: 12gms, .889


C Minten (19): 28gms, 16gls, 37pts (47gl/108pt pace) ------ WJC 5gms, 1gls, 3pts (16gl/49pt pace)
W Cowan (18): 39gms, 25gls, 70pts (53gl/147pt pace) ---- WJC 5gms, 1gls, 2pts (16gl/33pt pace)
W Lisowsky (19): 53gms, 30gls, 61pts (46gl/94pt pace)

D Chadwick (18): 48gms, 9gls, 42pts (15gl/72pt pace)


W Grebyonkin (20): 61gms, 18gls, 38pts (24gl/51pt pace)

G Akhtyamov (22): 17gms, .921sv% (VHL 16gms, .925)


C Malinoski (19): 27gms, 7gls, 14pts (21gl/43pt pace)
W Moldenhauer (19): 28gms, 7gls, 18pts (21gl/53pt pace)

C MIller (21): 22gms, 10gls, 21pts (37gl/78pt pace)
W Miettenin (22): 27gms, 13gls, 24pts (40gl/73pt pace)
W Schingoethe (21): 18gms, 0gls, 4pts (0gl/18pt pace)

D Koster (22): 24gms, 2gls, 11pts (7gl/38pt pace)
D Fusco (20): 23gms, 3gls, 7pts (11gl/25pt pace)

Too lazy to check to see if the other guys are just younger or what.

I'd think the kid with the most goals (Romani 44) would've been there otherwise?
Just like last year, where I wanted Knies (and Robby) to stay no matter what, it's the same now with these kids.

Knies is a lock, Robby is hopefully safe but not sure, yet for whatever reason, I don't get the feeling Tre would part with Cowan or Minty.

I guess it all depends on who we're targeting, but none of these kids should be dealt for anyone who isn't a non-old difference maker with term on his deal.
I'm okay with Minten in a trade if it brings in something like an extended Hanifin. He's on a wagon of a team and still producing okay, just okay for the CHL. He's on the same team and is the same age as a 7th rounder of ours Brandon Lisowsky

Saskatoon totals only:

Lisowsky: 56GP, 33G, 66PTS (48G, 97PTS, 1.17ppg)
Minten: 24GP, 16G, 30PTS (57G, 103PTS, 1.25ppg)

That's not bad of course, it's fine as D+2 production, but only just fine. I was definitley hoping for a bigger jump from his 1.18ppg in his D+1 season. He's probably going to be a pretty good NHL'er and appears to have a pretty high floor.

With that said, if we take his full season totals of 1.30ppg, his comparables list is fucking ugly. It's pages of guys who never made the show with a few interesting names sprinkled in (Dubinsky, Lowry, Ennis, Stoll, Ferland, MacArthur, Fleischmann), and 2 encouraging names (Sam Reinhart & Brenden Morrow) hiding in there. But this is out of like 300 guys who scored between 1.2-1.4ppg in their D+2 season in the WHL.

Contrast that with Cowan in his D+1 and there's only a handful of modern comparables between 1.75-1.85: Marc Savard, Shane Wright, Galchenyuk, Wyatt Johnston, Gabe Vilardi...lol extend it by a few years and Sheldon Keefe shows up. But just about every name in his grouping was either an elite prospect an impact NHLer, or Sheldon Keefe.

Yeah, if Minten is highly valued, he's the guy to move. Probably a ton more value in moving him than in hoping he's the next Brandon Dubinsky by the time Matthews et all is 30+