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Leafs sign Joe Thornton: 1 year/$700K, NMC


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Yeah, "Kevin Papetti" (@KPapetti) is where it's from. I don't follow the guy, so I dunno anything about him.

But tweets from accounts that have blocked you on twitter should still show up to you here on this site. I know, because I've seen Kevin McGran posts on here, and he's got me blocked on twitter.

Yeah...makes sense....you're not logging into forumice via your twitter handle


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Marner --- Tavares --- Matthews




Spezza ---- Robertson ----- Thornton



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You're trolling game was better under the Goldust nom de plume. Pot stock success has made you soff.
Hey I haven't trolled in like two weeks (record high). I genuinely mean it when I say I love dad jokes. My dad joke game is horrible.
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Reaction scores are counted. I think zeke is in the lead. Of course that’s for all reactions.

Rookie metric, the smart money looks at the reaction score/message ratio after subtracting reactions gained from retweets (aka secondary reactions)

ps; I have never looked at my reaction score until after I posted this