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Les Habitants Prospects Thread

Meh. Keep it at the edge and you always go over. Better that than pulling back.

I dunno. I agree with Wazoo and I don’t buy the heat of battle thing. As such, I think a player can go hellaballztothewallz without doing stuff like this. A large cadre of players have a career in doing just that, like Gallagher.
Suspension seems harsh, but that was his second game misconduct of the series. London, the most influential team in the league, probably whined to remove the most important Pete’s from the rest of the series.

The irony is that Dale Hunter is on the other side.

and interesting factoid re Hanzel, he was supposed to be on the pee wee Quebec City team as a 12 yr old but his dad was too poor so went back to his home org for 3 yrs. Now he's in Memorial Cup