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Les Habitants Prospects Thread

I'm open to moving Mailloux in a good deal. I am not open to moving Hutson unless it's a stupid good deal.
Both their value are highest right now as prospects , need the HUGO I took you to the cleaners type of trade to pry one out
All the positionless hockey articles I’m reading focuses on offensive strategies, which I agree with. I think it’s a lot harder to defend without some sort of positional structure
Well wasn’t that essentially the USSR 5-man unit? Scotty also employed it in Det w Russian-5 - likely why Fedorov seemed so comfortable when put on D…

"High hockey IQ"

Soviet teams were the best of their best.

In the NHL? You would need a five man elite unit.

I don't think the NHL is ready for that to be successful.

Dylan Hunter ne s’est pas risqué à prédire la chose. Il a tout de même spécifié que, physiquement, ce n’était pas un problème.

Si je compare avec Evan Bouchard qu’on a eu ici, lui avait besoin de prendre de la force. Mailloux est un peu plus comme John Carlson. Un très gros monsieur qui mange la glace. Il est… très gros. Physiquement, il est prêt. Après ça, il s’agit de voir comment il va s’adapter.
Hunter views Mailloux as being more in the John Carlson mold vs Bouchard, because he’s a big boy & NHL ready physically… it’ll all be about his ability to adjust to the NHL game
Quebec just woke up in the 2nd, outshooting Kamloops 11-1 and took the lead 4-1. Roy showcasing for an NHL coachng job.
I said the same of Lehkonen way back when. Been watching this kids videos, he's going to be a bottom six NHLer. We need those on the cheap.