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Lineup your lineups: Playoff edition


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Precisely the two holes I wanted to see filled



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Nylander-JT-Simmonds (if he can find his hands in the last two weeks again)

Muzzin-Reilly (I’d like to try this in the last week or so - memory is limited action their advance stats were great after the trade)

zamboni driver

- Coach has wanted hyman on that 3rd line all year and he can move him around to get our big boys going if an off night.
- Gives a guy who can scare the **** out of people on our top two lines and each line has huh who will punch anyone in the face if necessary
- Want the puck movement of sandin in our top 4. Think Brodie can be a great partner to mentor him. Hoping we can try this out to see how sandin would do.
- Holl/Muzzin from my eye test haven’t been as great the last month. Very willing to switch it up. Holl/Deemott have looked good together before and against softer comp should do great 👍🏻
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Shit ain't broke, don't fix it.


See above. All 3 are about 2.0 P/60 on the season, 59% expected goals, 58.5% of actual goal share


Engvall is probably the right call here, I like Kerfoot's transition ability a lot but Engvall is a really good shot suppressor and these 3 together when they had the chance was a ridiculously good 3rd line.


I try this first before making my decisions harder. If Spezza can still play C for 8 minutes a night and this line works, you've gotta consider it. Not convinced that Brooks, as good as he's been in this little stretch, is going to be a guy that is a great 4C in the playoffs for us. A feel good placeholder for now. Eventually Nash will make this an even harder decision because eventually an old boy is going to have to sit.


No brainer


No brainer #2


Dermott > Bogosian, it's just true and Sandin is better than either of them.

My overall takeaways:

-If Kerfoot isn't a centre, he doesn't play in the playoffs for us.
-Galchenyuk has earned a job. You could push him out by moving Hyman to the 2nd line, but I don't get the point...for who? So that Simmonds gets 3rd line ice? for Kerfoot to play on the wing? Galchenyuk has been better than anyone you would be forcing him out of the lineup to give ice to. Any iteration of that 3rd line looks dicey without Hyman on it imo. We just don't have a 3C good enough to not have 2 good wingers flanking him
-Sandin has also earned a job, and it's not Dermott's, it's Bogosian. Who played reasonably well this year, but he's the B side of that 3rd pair. Dermott is just solid, more or less mistake free and unspectacularly solid against 3rd pairing competition. Sandin is probably ready to be a top 4 guy now so has to play. But I choose Dermott's steady mobility over Bogosian's size all day to be his running mate.
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Galchenyuk seems like he should have more goals at this point, feels like he's had plenty of good chances that have been stopped on nights we've been goalie'd. Not sure if the stats bear that out but that's my perception.


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Galchenyuk seems like he should have more goals at this point, feels like he's had plenty of good chances that have been stopped on nights we've been goalie'd. Not sure if the stats bear that out but that's my perception.

Career 12% shooter with a 5.7% as a Leaf (prior to tonight) suggests that you're right.


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Still really doubt we're going to see a Thornton-Spezza-Simmonds line.

Is Keefe really going to shift Spezza to the middle at the start of the playoffs after having him on the wing all season? You'd also think he'd want to put that line configuration together and give it a test drive pretty soon if he was really considering using it in the playoffs.


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Let's play odd man out.

There’s 12 forwards that are still on the roster and have also played at least 100 mins. Here’s Kerfoot’s rankings for nerdies

CF%: 48.13, last
xGF%: 47.73, last
SCF%: 44.59, last
HDCF%: 43.60, last
Off. Zone Start%: 59.68, 5th

Fairly cushy deployment and dead last in all categories. Sure looks like the odd-man out.



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Nash is going to play. pretty sure about that.

Yeah, I think Keefe's going to take another crack at assembling a defensive shut-down third line, with Nash in the middle and Hyman on the wing as the two main building blocks on that line. Maybe it doesn't stick over the long haul, but he's going to try it at least.

Unless they have a big drop-off, I'd also be surprised if he didn't leave the Thornton-Brooks-Spezza line together. Which would leave Mikheyev, Galchenyuk, Simmonds and Kerfoot competing for those two last spots on the wing:

Foligno - Matthews - Marner
******** - Tavares - Nylander
******** - Nash - Hyman
Thornton - Brooks - Spezza