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Lineup your lineups: Playoff edition


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Yeah, I think Keefe's going to take another crack at assembling a defensive shut-down third line, with Nash in the middle and Hyman on the wing as the two main building blocks on that line. Maybe it doesn't stick over the long haul, but he's going to try it at least.

Unless they have a big drop-off, I'd also be surprised if he didn't leave the Thornton-Brooks-Spezza line together. Which would leave Mikheyev, Galchenyuk, Simmonds and Kerfoot competing for those two last spots on the wing:

Foligno - Matthews - Marner
******** - Tavares - Nylander
******** - Nash - Hyman
Thornton - Brooks - Spezza
This setup would certainly mean Gforce is not in the lineup. Simmons on 2nd line and mik on the 3rd line.


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This setup would certainly mean Gforce is not in the lineup. Simmons on 2nd line and mik on the 3rd line.

Yeah, that's the direction I'm leaning.

I don't think they'll sit Simmonds for the playoffs when I think they acquired him in the first place specifically with the playoffs in mind. And then while Mikheyev might have feet for hands, he's the more reliable defensive player and a mainstay on our PK.

Of course, this discussion assumes a fully healthy forward group, which isn't something we'd had at almost any time this season, and are even less likely to have as the playoffs go on. Probably none of these guys will have to spend much, if any time as healthy scratches.


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I think Brooks is just a placeholder. He's been fine, but he's nothing special. No reason he has to be in the lineup. I also don't think you want Simmonds on the second line. If you take Gally out, than that has to be Kerfoot or Hyman IMO.

Moving Spezza to center maximizes the lineup IMO. Worst case scenario Simmonds has to come out for Nash/Engvall/Brooks etc.


Also Keefe isn't set on his lines. Even fully healthy they are likely to use more than 12 forwards.