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New Canadian Politics Thread


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Been to a few places where they apparently check for vaccine status. Nada. Have never been asked once. No one wants to monitor that shit.


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There’s been a lot of confusion any place I’ve been since coming to Ontario. We only have the QR code to the health record in BC. Most places have wanted a paper copy with your birth date which we don’t have.


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Calgary and Edmonton did it right. Rural Alberta not so much.

Yes, Edmonton now has one more Liberal who can live rent free inside the heads of every redneck.

You could tell that Nickel was getting desperate near the end as he ran attack ads against Sohi where he accused him of the unpardonable sin of being a friend and colleague of Justin Trudeau, the eternal Albertan bogeyman. The ads were beyond juvenile but hey, it worked for Kenney so Shoeless Mike figured he'd give it a whirl too.

I guess that in the end the supporters of angry white grievance who were prolific on social media as they railed against bike lanes, property taxes, speed limits, photo radar, immigrants and "liberal commies" couldn't be bothered to get off their asses to actually vote when the time came. Sohi won by over 10K votes.


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dood has been campaigning for mayor for 2 years and he never even came close
You should read the comments on Nickel's Facebook page in the wake of his crushing defeat.

"It's rigged!"
"As soon as I saw the electronic voting machines I knew the fix was in."
"Alberta is conservative but a Liberal wins the election by 10K votes? Something fishy is going on."
"Trudeau bribery got his buddy elected."
"I'm moving. This city is fucked. Enjoy your tax hike."

And my personal favourite...

"We need to do a forensic audit to check for voter fraud."

Needless to say, Fox News is available here.