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New Canadian Politics Thread

Wayward DP

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Nah. Cauliflower, brussel sprouts, and zucchini are all pretty great.

Some sort of spicy/sweet/fried brussel sprouts situation is on menus everywhere these days.
yeah I mean if you suck at cooking or brussels sprouts, just... cook them in fucking bacon, voila.

my mostly vegetarian wife always allows me to add bacon to our brussels

Wayward DP

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In the microwave. They get extra sulfur-y smelling. Enough to traumatize anyone.

The airfryer actually does a pretty decent job with brussel sprouts.
in fairness to your microwaved brussels upbringing, I recall microwaved broccoli and green beans being regular features at our table. and I was expected and required to eat them.

not that they were terrible, just far from the best way to prepare those particular veggies


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Oh same, same. Microwaved veggies were a big reason I thought I hated veggies most of my life.

Now I can pretty much find a way to prepare any of 'em so I can eat it.


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Brussel sprouts are a "never microwave" imo.

But yeah, broccoli can be good you just have to do it exactly like ^ this. We got the sad microwaved broccoli as a kid.
I never liked Brussel sprouts growing up. But my brother roasts them with some brown sugar and those are more than fine.

Zucchini is easy too. Honestly just needs butter, salt, and pepper and they are one of the better veggies.

Cauliflower and Broccoli are both boring when you just boil or steam them, but honestly if the rest of the meal has enough spice or flavour, I like the boring parts.

They're all veggies when I was a kid I would have told you I hated. But as an adult, it doesn't take a lot of effort to make them usable.