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NFL 2021-22 SEASON

Ed H in Pasadena

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  • Ben Roethlisberger's last game
  • T. J. Watt goes for the sack record
  • How many yards will Jonathan Taylor end up with?
  • Who makes their MVP statement?
  • Who wins the AFC #1 seed? And who grabs the last playoff spots in both conferences?
Some of the highlights of the last weekend of the regular season. Can't hardly wait!

Ed H in Pasadena

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What a crazy weekend of football! Somehow the Steelers made it in, though they had to sweat the bizarre nature of Raiders v Chargers ending in a tie. It did not, though it was 0:02 seconds away from happening. And T. J. tied the record (as the Steelers lost their appeal for the initial sack to be given, instead of the bizarre "fumble" ruling).
In the NFC, the Rams blew a 17 point lead and lost in OT. Thus they finished fourth, and the Niners made it in.
The Titans and Packers are the #1 seeds, and Tennessee is getting Derrick Henry back. They look to be the faves, but KC will have something to say about that.
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Well the first weekend is done. Officials working the Raiders/Bengals game got "sacked" after blowing a crucial call in the first half. The Bills absolutely crushed the Pats and looked like a contender to be the AFC rep. The Pennsylvania teams were outclassed, and the Cowboys repeatedly hit the self-destruct button in losing to the 49ers.

Disappointed my guy Ben Roethlisberger had to go out that way (on the receiving end of a butt kicking) but hopefully the team figures out what do do with itself in the offseason ... though as long as Mike Tomlin's in charge, I have my doubts. If only he'd give up the defensive play calling and bring in a coordinator he trusts to do the job. A long rebuild awaits in the interim.

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The full divisional round schedule
January 22
Bengals v Titans at 4:30
Niners v The Pack at 8:15

January 23
Rams v Bucs at 3:00
Bills v Chiefs at 6:30

Who ya got?

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Best football weekend (arguably) ever

Bengals 19, Titans 16 - Titans overcome a 10 point deficit only to have an interception by Ryan Tannehill lead to Cincinnati's game winning field with no time left.

Niners 13, Pacers 10 - Defensive struggle in the snow ends with 10 fourth quarter points for the Niners, including a game-winning Robbie Gould FG with no time left. He's never missed a FG in his playoff career! And Aaron Rodgers proves once again that, in his career? Overrated. 11-10 lifetime in playoffs? 5-4 at home? Overrated. I said it.

Rams 30, Bucs 27 - Rams jump to a 27-3 lead, Bucs come back to tie it at 27 (two key Rams fumbles setting up 14 Bucs points). Then Matthew Stafford hits Cooper Kupp (best receiver in the NFL) twice in 42 seconds to set up Matt Gay's game-winning 30 yard FG with no time left.

Three games, all ending with game-winning field goals with no time left. And then?

Bills 36, Kansas City 42 (KC the only home team to win this weekend)
Ummm ... not even sure what to say about this classic game. But 25 points in the last two minutes of a game? A game-tying FG on a drive that took thirteen seconds? What the heck? Then KC wins the coin toss, drives 75 yards in eight plays and wins on a Pat Mahomes to Travis Kelce eight yard TD pass.


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Early odds for the conference championships

KC -7 over Cincinnati
Rams -3.5 over the Niners

If I were a betting man, I'd take Cincy plus the points and the Niners plus the points. But I'm not, so ... ;)😁

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AFC Title Game
Cincinnati 27, KC 24 (OT)
Cincy overcame a 21-3 deficit with just over a minute left in the first half. A TD just before halftime and 11 points (including a successful 2 point conversion) tied the game in the third. Cincy took a three point lead with 6:09 left, only for KC to tie it with 0:03 left in the game.
Pat Mahomes threw a pick in OT, and Cincy marched to an easy GW FG.

Rams 20, Niners 17
Rams finally shook their offensive doldrums and scored 13 unanswered points in the fourth quarter, then Aaron Donald forced a poorly thrown pass by Jimmy Garapolo. The pass was intercepted to seal the game for the Rams with just over a minute left. The ten point fourth quarter comeback was the largest fourth quarter deficit overcome in Championship game history.

The Rams are the early favorite at 4.5
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