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OT: American Politics

It’s weird none of them take a second to realize that they’ve dug their heels in on an issue that now places them on the side of the fence with the people they disagreed with their whole lives.

This time, they gotta be right tho…..it’s not me accidentally being on the wrong side of history.
Eh, I'm going to give Dave the benefit of the doubt here. He's shit all over people like Boebert recently in his specials as well. Its not like he's got an arm around her or a titty in his hand there.
His comedy has aligned with their two genders rhetoric for how many specials in a row? Two? Three?

Does sound like they just saw him touring congress and snapped a pic….but her tweet is very much aligned with his corny trans material.
I’m a big Chapelle fan— seen him live 5 times and while I don’t think he’s changed sides, his last special was almost unwatchable, not only because of his dated trans material, but mostly because he bitched about how hard it was to do comedy with dated trans material

Shut up Dave. Nobody wants to hear you whine about how hard your 15M special was to put together.

Maybe be had the right idea when he abandoned his $50m Comedy Central contract back in the day — making money has fucked up his craft
Many old-ish-school guy stand-ups get in their head that it's their "job" to say what other people can't, instead of just being funny. Some dudes, like Burr, Regan etc don't fall into that trap, but lots do.

I think honestly it's just hard to keep pumping out new material so they'll fall into that trap.